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 The company production strictly in accordance with the control process execution, and make the quality files in accordance with the product manufacturing process, for measuring tools and standard parts can be inspected on a regular in accordance with the rules of our company. All the production department is mainly responsible for the company in strict accordance with the production process and quality standard of bearing production; quality inspection department is mainly responsible for the strict inspection of all products of the company in accordance with the standard. The company product domestic raw materials are used in Daye and Hubei Shougang steel. In the production process, the process flow card tracking, the product of number management, are numbered for each part and each finished product, start from the source, from the forging factory, to the finished product, every process tracking, inspection records, each set of bearings with single quality files, products have traceability sex. Each process to all parts of the implementation of all the testing and inspection records, detailed, including the parts process all inspection records, inspection records, all parts of the final detection before entering the workshop, packaging all before the detection of multi-channel detection process. Perfect quality assurance system and advanced detection means, to guarantee the product quality stability and reliability, but also improve the market competitiveness of

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